Images showcasing the many impressive architectural staircases (Treppen) views that many people dont even realise are there. Basel and Zurich, Switzerland.

Different faces from different places

So many faces in so many places. I was astounded by the amount of interesting, lovely people I met on my adventure in south east Asia. Here is a small collection of black and white portrait shots taken from my journey.

South East Asia in Long Exposure

Long exposure images of locations taken from my expedition in south East Asia.

Stroud in Long Exposure

Using long exposure techniques and post production work, I have captured Images of areas and places that are close to my heart from my hometown in England, Stroud.

Toy Story Warfare

Battlefields and combat situations depicted with toy soldiers.

Arc Eye

As a welder I find pictures of welding in action pretty awesome to look at. The light created along with the metals surface combined create a great atmospheric look.

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